About MedStudent.net

MedStudent.net is a medical education resource website that was founded in 2013. The website provides all students with equal access to credible resources for their medical school courses and clerkships. The goal is that you can save time, maximize learning, and achieve results that you feel good about.


  • With your help, MedStudent.net now contains more than 100 credible resources.

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Hi, my name is Doug Snyder. I am a 4th year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine. I developed MedStudent.net after my first year of medical school as a platform for students to find and share the best available resources.

Although medical school is a highly competitive environment, it doesn't have to turn students against students. If we all work together and share resources, we can be better students and physicians. Thank you for visiting MedStudent.net.

Find. Learn. Share. Repeat.